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Junior High Conference

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High School Conference

Session 1

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Session 4 Brothers

Session 4 Sisters

Conference Outline Packet

To comply with the LSM copyrights policies we will not provide any electronic material on our website. Instead, we will provide a PDF version of during the meetings using the chat function on Zoom. Forwarding this material to any person that has not registered for these conferences is prohibited


For the activity group times, we will label the breakout rooms by grade/gender/number (JH-Bros 1) so that each person can join their respective group manually. The groups will remain the same for the entire conference. The activity group times will be for 15 to 20 minutes right after each message. 

To be able to select your breakout room make sure you have the latest version of Zoom . Click HERE

Junior High School Brothers

Junior High School Sisters

High School Brothers

High School Sisters


Each group will choose one of the 3 following activities to work on during the three activity times on Friday and Saturday. On Lord’s Day we will have a time to during the fourth session to present the final products to everyone in two separate meetings— All brothers (Jr. High & High school Brothers) and All sisters (Jr. High & High School).

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Tutorial video


Tutorial video


Tutorial video