SSOT Letter

2020 SCYP Summer School of Truth

June 6-27, 2020

We are grateful to the Lord for another opportunity to have the Summer School of Truth (SSOT). This crucial time is absolutely necessary for our young people to be educated in and to develop a taste for the rich truths that we have inherited in the Lord’s recovery.

Understandably, each locality in past years has had its own schedule, format, and progression through the SSOT books. But after checking with as many local serving ones in the different localities as possible, it seemed good, based on the positive response of the Spring Pursuit, that we continue to all stay together. With the challenges of the COVID-19 situation, there seems to be an unprecedented blessing that we are tasting in taking a blended and corporate approach to:

  • Caring for young people.
  • Providing them healthy practices during the day if their appetite so allows.
  • Supporting the local serving ones who may find some relief in knowing their young people are being cared for through a blended coordination (to which all serving ones are invited) that brings together the participation and function of each locality.

This year’s SSOT, due to the global pandemic, will be held on-line for all of the saints in Southern California from Monday to Thursday (or at other times as arranged by your locality). This daily way will give the young people an encouraging opportunity to get the truth into them (one lesson at a time) as long-term nourishment without overwhelming them. As such we hope that you would prayerfully consider scheduling your summer activities around the dates of this year’s SSOT.

What to Expect

We will conduct the SSOT by having 12 lessons for each class recorded by brothers throughout Southern California. Each week will have a particular emphasis and theme, and each lesson will consist of a video that will last for 15-20 minutes followed by a group time which each locality or locality cluster will arrange. This year we recommend the incoming 7th-8th graders cover the subject God’s Full Salvation, the incoming 9th-10th graders cover the subject The Two Spirits, and the incoming 11th-12th graders cover the subject The Church

Localities are welcome to blend with other localities as needed. We will have a Southern California wide launch on June 6, 2020 and a conclusion meeting on June 27, 2020. In between, each locality and group will carry out their own lesson group at a pace appropriate to them during the week. The brothers are recommending 4 lessons per week per brother Lee’s original burden, but localities may choose to cover 2-3 lessons as needed based on the availability and capacity of the saints.

Recreation and Materials

During this time, we also plan to have on-line recreation activities during the day for the young people and a morning revival line as well as some “special fellowships” that are made available for the saints to watch during this time. We are sensitive to online fatigue and the fact that the students will be off school but hope to provide an environment that is “day by day” and “house to house” conducive to their learning and experience. All materials will be posted at

For the Serving Ones

Our hope is that many parents, college students, and burdened saints would be able to participate in these short group times and that the Lord would have a way to appear to each young person. 

We will have a corporate Teacher’s Training on May 30th from 9:45am to 12:00pm for all the parents, serving ones and college students.

How to Register

Registration and payment will be done through the locality contacts as has been done for the SCYP conferences. The registration fee is $10 (for a t-shirt). The registration deadline will be Lord’s Day, May 31st.

Continuing in Prayer

Please pray for this time, that the hearts of the young people would be good ground for the Lord’s word and that this time would truly be a summer “restaurant” of truth in which the tasty dishes and healthy teaching of God’s economy are served to the young people for their constitution and enjoyment.

The brothers serving with SCYP