Group Time

For the protection of our young people, serving ones and community during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we recommend that the 2020 Spring Pursuit and all related fellowship be received by the young people and serving ones only in their respective homes, without gathering together with others outside of their own homes. Until further notification, we urge that all mutual fellowship outside of the respective home/family unit be via videoconference only. 

Please note, this will be your main group to call, fellowship, and pray with throughout the conference week by week. Each week (Lord’s Day to Friday) you will have to establish a time(s) to have the videoconference with your group and cover the 2 pre-recorded sessions. Each session takes around 30 min (see example below).

In regards to groups, we would like to encourage grouping by household, when possible. In order to keep the group size manageable, with 1-2 adult(s) and 2-6 young people (max) in your group.

Example of a 30 minute group time:


Sing a song – 5 min
Read some verses  – 3 min
View pre-recorded video – 10 min
Study group time – 10 min
>Ministry Reading
>Discussion Questions
Prayer – 2 min