Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many classes (SSOT books) will cover this year?
    We will be covering 3 books:
    God’s Full Salvation (suggested for 7th—8th grade)
    The Two Spirits (suggested for 9th—10th grade)
    The Church (suggested for 11th—12th grade)
  2. Can a locality or cluster of localities decide on covering only one, two, or three books based on their number of young people?
    Yes, a locality can decide the number of classes they will cover. If this is the case, the locality or cluster of localities should notify the saints from their localities so they can choose the correct classes when they fill out the registration form.
  3. How many lessons SCYP will provide each week of the SSOT?
    SCYP will provide 4 lessons a week for 3 weeks. Each locality or cluster of localities will determine how many lessons they will cover in one week according to their capacity.
  4. How many days a week does each locality need to cover the lessons?
    Once a locality or cluster of localities determines the number of lessons they will cover a week they can decide how many days they will need. SCYP is suggesting to choose Monday through Thursday. We recommend not to use Friday or Lord’s Day to avoid any conflicts with home meetings and the Lord’s table and prophesying meetings.
  5. At what time will the lessons be covered?
    Each locality will decide when to cover the lessons. They can decide if they want to cover some lessons altogether or by small groups or both.
  6. How will the lessons be conducted?
    For the lesson on each class, we will have a pre-recorded 15 to 20 minutes video that the participants will watch in small groups pre-arranged by their locality or cluster of localities. All videos and materials will be posted at
  7. How can I join a small study group?
    Each locality or cluster of localities will arrange their own study groups.
  8. Will there be meetings to blend with other localities?
    On Saturdays, we will have blending meetings by class. Information on how to join these meetings will be posted at close to the beginning of the SSOT.
  9. How do I register for the SSOT?
    Due to the current restrictions registration will be using a google form that will be sent directly to each saint (young person, parents, serving ones, trainees, and helpers) that wishes to participate by their locality contact(s). Registration deadline is Lord’s Day, May 31st.
  10. How can I confirm whether or not I registered after filling out the registration google form?
    Contact your local young people serving ones to confirm your registration.
  11. How do I cover the SSOT fee?
    SCYP will receive one single payment for each locality. To cover the conference fee contact your local young people serving ones.
  12. Can I register to the SSOT if I am from a locality out of Southern California?
    Even though the 2020 SCYP SSOT is intended for the localities in Southern California, if you are not from Southern California and would like to participate please contact us at